Landscaping can instantly make any home brighter and more inviting. That being said, you must find plants native to your zone and climate. Ensuring you have the right plants is key to beautifying your landscape year-round. Plants that require little water are a must for arid places like Arizona and other desert areas! Here are five landscaping shrubs and bushes that thrive in low-moisture conditions:  



This low-lying plant generally grows 3 feet high to 40 feet tall when fully mature. It is an evergreen, meaning it remains beautiful year-round. The flowers from the plant are also beautiful, bringing a cheerful aspect to your yard with their bright pink blossoms. 


Purple Sage

This incredible plant is a member of the sage family, but it has stunning purple flowers. This plant can grow to be very large if not tended to and trimmed back every so often. Purple sage is a semi-evergreen plant because it is known to blossom almost year-round, excluding peak winter months. 



If you’re looking for a lower-lying plant, Oleander is perfect. It is often referred to as an evergreen shrub or small tree. It is toxic, so ensure you plant it away from pets that may ingest it. Oleander loves full sunlight and is perfect for those wishing to have a low-lying, low-maintenance plant. It has deep green foliage and is an ideal filler in desert landscaping. 



If you want to fill your space with fantastic color, consider adding Lantana. This plant comes in two forms. One is a ground cover that can help fill open beds or vast areas in your yard. The second is as a bush or climbing plant.  They grow about 2 feet high and 4 feet wide at full maturity. The foliage is bright green juxtaposed against the bright red and orange of the blossoms. This plant attracts beautiful wildlife like hummingbirds, other birds, and butterflies that like to eat the nectar of the flowers. Though it attracts wildlife, the leaves are poisonous, so you may want to plant it out of your pet’s reach. The flowers change color over time, making them evergreen plants! 


Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses are perfect for desert landscaping because they require little water, love the direct sun, and are native to the area. Some of the most common types of ornamental grass are monkey grass and pampas grass. Monkey grass is low-lying and doesn’t grow to be very large. On the other hand, pampas grass can grow to be eight or nine feet tall if you don’t trim it. 


Any of the plants listed here and so many more make perfect landscaping additions. Be sure to consult with one of our landscaping designer to be sure you’re considering the soil type, topography, and climate.