The desert is a beautiful landscape that often gets a bad rap for its hot weather and lack of color.
While it’s true, brown is a pretty dominant hue throughout the desert, it’s also true that our desert
plants provide pigmentation to beautify your desert yard!

Yellow Bells
If you’re worried about sun exposure, the yellow bell cannot only withstand it, but it actually
thrives off sunlight. As the name says, the flower blooms with yellow bell-shaped blooms. These
flowers will undoubtedly be a showstopper within your landscape, as they grow relatively
quickly and tall. They provide the perfect opportunity to add some yellow hues to your desert

Texas Sage
Texas Sage is a small but sturdy plant that often lines walkways. They are relatively small in
size, but because of their rich lavender color, they can provide your landscape with the perfect
pop of color.
Cacti come in many different shapes and sizes and can be the perfect addition of green to your
yard. Desert Foothills offers a variety of cacti grown locally in our private nursery here in Cave
Creek. Our nursery contains everything from Golden Barrel Cacti to the Saguaro.
Adding color to your yard creates interest and design depth. Bold colors such as red, orange,
yellow, and purple direct attention away from objects you’d perfer not to view, such as garbage
and recycling cans. Interested in adding color to your yard.