The outdoor lighting market has undergone many changes in recent years. Lighting fixtures have become more durable and energy efficient, and there’s a wide range of design options for achieving beautiful yet functional lighting to improve your home’s security, value, and aesthetics. So, what lighting trends are in store for 2023? 

1. Outdoor Wall Lights
Because they can be painted to match the style of the property, wall lights have become popular. They can enhance your architectural features and yard. They create an inviting environment and add drama to the night scene. While the design is simple, they add a minimalistic elegance to your yard.

2. Smart Security Lighting
Technology has allowed for innovations in lighting, such as smart security lighting. Smart systems have features like motion sensors and scheduled lighting that you can control via a mobile app or voice commands. These features are invaluable when you’re away from home to deter intruders (and they save energy costs)! 

3. Creative Spot Lights
In landscape lighting, spotlights are used to emphasize features of your yard. As opposed to floodlights, which project light over a wide area, they work best to illuminate the unique architectural features of your building and to draw attention to the surrounding plants and trees. This is a popular choice among Desert Foothills Landscaping clients.

The most essential 2023 outdoor lighting trends will focus on function, aesthetics, energy use, and costs. LED lights, solar lighting, and smart lighting systems, combined with creative solutions such as string, wall, and downlights, can help you achieve unique, welcoming outdoor
lighting for your property in 2023 and beyond.