It is important that contemporary desert landscaping design work in harmony to cultivate a landscaping scene that delivers serenity for both the mind and body. Explore the three following unique ideas to integrate all elements of your Arizona landscape. 


#1 Hanging Seats for Outdoor Relaxation 

For those seeking to increase seating or maximize a small space, hanging seating is an excellent option. These suspended seats provide comfort while minimizing heat absorption allowing homeowners to find relaxation at any hour. 


#2 Grouping Cement Planters

Cement planters introduce vibrant hues into the landscape while offering a durable way of bringing texture and visual allure to various desert landscaping spaces. Native plants like cacti can be potted into these planters, requiring minimal maintenance. Cement planters have the flexibility to be arranged at one level or staggered across multiple tiers to add more interest to the area. Moreover, employing a cool-toned color scheme through a strategic selection of plants, stones, and planters can instill a perception of refreshment in an otherwise warm environment. Designers might opt for dark gravel as a top dressing for exposed potting soil within containers. For those that want a lush landscape design, this can be accomplished through potted palms, succulents, and cacti in cement planters of varying sizes. 


#3 Incorporating Graphic Prints for Aesthetic Pleasure 

Incorporate bold graphic patterns and features into your landscape design. Expand your perspective beyond traditional textiles, using breeze blocks to construct walls and dividers that delineate distinct spaces while maintaining an open and inviting ambiance with ample natural light and lush surroundings. Play off the graphic design with seating elements and tile work that complements and adds visual interest to a space. 


Explore contemporary design concepts and diverse approaches to discover the perfect fit for your personal preferences, available space, and budget. As you curate plant selections and configure seating areas, maintain the unique Arizona climate in mind to craft a serene and visually appealing landscape design.