Desert Foothills Landscape has been working with local fire departments for decades on ways to help prevent wildfires.  With all the rain this year, the vegetation in the Sonoran Desert is thick with grasses.  These grasses are one lighting strike, cigarette, or camp fire away from created a huge wildfire.

As a landscape company we are advising our community to practice a methodology that we are certified in a called “Firewise”.  As a business owner or homeowner you need to perform “Firewise” planning yourself or contact our office at 480-488-0128 to schedule a free estimate for our crews to get you ready.

Why do you need to create a Defensible Space?

A defensible space refers to the area between your home and the oncoming wildfire where the vegetation has been modified to reduce the wildfire threat and to provide and opportunity for structural protection without risking homeowner or firefighter lives.  You want to give your home the best chance of making it through a wildfire, by creating well-maintained, live vegetation zone to prevent damage to structures in case of wildland fires.  Defensible Space acts as a fire break, and should contain only small brush, cacti and trees to prevent a continuous path of flammable materials leading to inhabited structures.

Maintain a 20-foot zone out from the rear and side yard fences around your home. Thin dead and fallen vegetation, perennial grasses and overgrown bushes; remove dead branches and/or branches touching the ground; and all invasive plants within this 20-foot area.  Your backyard is considered 10 feet of the 30-foot Defensible Space noted in the diagram.