Here are the top 10 desert landscaping ideas that we recommend if you live in a desert region: 


#1 Mix and Group Desert Landscaping Plants 

When designing desert landscapes, it is crucial to prioritize water conservation alongside aesthetic appeal. An effective tool in the design process is grouping plants with similar water requirements, which not only facilitates future maintenance but also promotes water efficiency. This is one of the most efficient (both aesthetically and environmentally) desert landscape ideas to try! Have fun with it, too, by incorporating a mix of diverse forms, colors, and heights to add visual variety and enhance the overall scene. 

#2 Design an Oasis in the Desert Landscape

Water features in desert landscapes are a rare gem, deserving of admiration and appreciation. Introducing water elements to your landscape can provide a revitalizing escape on scorching days. Depending on the desired style of your landscape, these features can exhibit a neat and structured design or embrace a more organic and natural form. 

#3 Follow the Light

A crucial aspect of your planning should include considering both the morning sun and evening lights. Embrace the filtered natural light of the morning to infuse a gentle touch amidst the rugged topography of the desert landscape. As the evening approaches, incorporate a hint of gold to enhance the sandy tones of the desert. Warm colors capture the very essence of a desert environment, and the inclusion of yellows intensifies the theme, creating a cohesive and captivating atmosphere.

#4 Pot Your Desert Plants

If your soil isn’t cooperating, container gardening is an amazing alternative. The intricate designs on the pots themselves add charming detail to the overall scenery. By utilizing pots of varying sizes, you can create a sense of hierarchy in your design and explore creative arrangements.  The warm tones of terracotta pots beautifully complement the greens and blues of fleshy succulents. Opting for glazed ceramics over unglazed options is a wise choice. Glazed ceramics not only come in a wider range of colors and designs but also help conserve water more effectively.

#5 Use the Natural Topography For Your Landscape

Embrace the natural slopes and rocks in your landscape; they have the potential to elevate your design. Utilize a natural mound as a spacious desert bed, and with carefully selected flowers and succulents, it can become the captivating centerpiece of your composition. The most exceptional landscape designs draw inspiration from the surrounding scenery, and in this case, natural mounds are indeed your greatest ally. 


We hope our list has provided you with inspiration for your desert landscape. If you’re interested in taking the next step, feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation. We would be delighted to explore how we can transform your desert landscape into something truly remarkable.