Consider using combinations of trees and plants in your landscaping designs to replicate the natural growth of the Sonoran Desert. You can also create denser versions to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living spaces while minimizing maintenance. When selecting materials for your desert landscape, keep in mind factors that contribute to both aesthetic appeal and functionality for a satisfying outdoor experience in the Valley. 


Aesthetic Composition

Achieving a balance between climate mitigation through carefully chosen vegetation around desert homes and the imperative of water conservation, all while maintaining high aesthetic standards, can be challenging without professional assistance. With the expertise of Desert Foothills Landscape’s designers, you can bring your aesthetic dreams to life while also cooling your outdoor and indoor living areas responsibly, minimizing environmental strain. 


Watering Needs

Around 70% of water usage in Arizona goes towards landscape upkeep and outdoor activities. This staggering figure showcases the importance of managing water consumption. As a result, many homeowners opt for minimalist landscaping. However, for those desiring lush greenery with lower water needs, there are solutions available. By installing and maintaining efficient irrigation systems and selecting plants that combine aesthetic appeal with low water requirements, you can strike a perfect balance in your landscape design. 


Long-Term Durability

In the unique Sonoran desert climate found in Arizona, particularly in the Phoenix valley, trees and plants face less severe fluctuations in temperature and precipitation compared to other regions of North America. However, they must still be able to withstand seasonal weather patterns such as intense heat, dust storms, and monsoon rains. 


Maintenance Needs

Regardless of the landscape design you select, it’s wise in a desert setting to group trees and plants according to their specific needs for watering, sunlight, mulching, fertilization, pruning, and pest control. 


For years, we have been building and designing stunning, award-winning desert landscapes. Our reputation is built on a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and desires. We tailor our design and landscape expertise to match your vision, enhancing your outdoor living space. So, if you’re looking to create a flourishing lush desert landscape, or any landscape, contact us!