Choices you don’t want to regret; options you don’t want to miss.

A pool ownership investment should yield the best possible outcome for you and your family. With this idea in mind, let’s take a look at three mistakes to avoid while designing your new space.


1.Going Too Deep

In history, pools were built with 8-foot deep ends. This dimension allowed a “diving bowl” to enter from a springboard. However, today, pool builders and many homeowners know that only a fraction of families will use their pool for this purpose. Furthermore, deep ends don’t support the attributes families want from their aquatic resort. They don’t provide a comfortable, safe environment. That said, keeping your pool to four and a half to six feet deep is best. Doing so will give you more usable space for aquatic play and lounging that everyone desires.


2. Skipping a Spa

Of course, adding a spa will increase your project budget. So, you may be tempted to leave it off your pool plan. But hear us out first. Spas add lots of value to your home. This amenity will enhance your pool’s beauty and expand how you can enjoy your home. Spas become vibrant centers for relaxing, exercising, and socializing. There is a multitude of health benefits to hot water immersion as well.


3. Not Hiring a Company That Can Do It All

Planning a pool is a tiring task, and many benefits derive from hiring a company to plan and build your swimming pool or spa. Not only will this save you time, but it will also save you stress! And you’ll have the ability to enjoy the results without the work. Whether you’re planning a full-sized in-ground pool or something smaller, consider hiring Desert Foothills Landscape.


4. Not Starting The Process Early Enough to Swim By Summer

On average, Phoenix pool builders can build a brand-new pool in about eight to twelve weeks (2-3 months) from start to finish! Building duration can vary depending on design changes and material availability. However, because DFL has ownership of all departments of building (i.e., concrete services, excavation services, etc.), we have the ability to achieve most timelines without any issues!


After all, your swimming pool is your most significant investment next to your house! Consult us with questions.