28 Sep 2018

The Boot at The Boulders

Designer and Hardscape Specialist, Jake Plocher, transformed the Hoogland estate at The Boulders. The unique one-of-a-kind “boot boulder” is a conversation starter.

Photo Credits: Nathan Clark

28 Sep 2018

Mactas estate in Mirabel

Lead designer and hardscape specialist, Jake Plocher, created a one-of-kind water feature that incorporates the awesome visual effects of fire.

Photo Credits: Nathan Clark

28 Sep 2018

Goldwater – Saguaro Estates

The Goldwater estate was featured in Phoenix Home & Garden – November 2018 – “Beyond the Ordinary”.

You can view a 3D Tour of the property.

Lead designer, Chad Norris, has delivered on his promise to transform the landscape for the Goldwater home in Saguaro Estates.

“This intimate courtyard was originally covered by an overgrown Mesquite tree that was planted within an in ground planting area. The Mesquite tree was a mess, allowed little sun to enter the entryway and had roots that were lifting up the surrounding Travertine. Once the tree was removed, we raised the center planter and redesigned the plant material palette. We also integrated a Canterra water feature that had to be heavily modified to work within this confined space. The final result provided the area a centerpiece that truly provides a sense of arrival to the home.” – Chad Norris

28 Sep 2018

Hitchcock – Desert Mountain

Phoenix Home & Garden – June 2017 – ” The Perfect Beginning”

Author: Isabella Castillo

Three senses—smell, sound and sight—are piqued by a home’s new entry

The soothing fragrance of jasmine, the calm babble of running water and the quiet strength of stone combine harmoniously to create an unforgettable first impression at the entrance of Mike and Shannon Hitchcock’s home in North Scottsdale. The couple, who hail from Colorado, always wanted an impressive entry with water features, but the Mountain State’s climate made that difficult. So, when they relocated to the Valley, Mike and Shannon were anxious to reimagine the unremarkable entry of their new abode into a showstopping landscape.

The house sits below street level at the end of a steep drive, so the couple knew an eye-catching entrance would instantly improve its curb appeal. They set about viewing other front-yard solutions for inspiration, and when they spied one where sculptural pillars combined with hardscape and plantings, they knew they had also had found their landscape design expert: Jake Plocher.

But there was no doubt in the Hitchcocks’ minds as to what material would star in their new entry. “We’re stone people,” says Mike, who co-founded a stone surfaces company. Shannon adds, “Stone is near and dear to us,” so it was inevitable that the couple would ask their designer to work with the substrate to create water features.

Plocher chose natural basalt from northern Washington from which to construct a series of irregularly cut, towering pillars. From the driveway, these imposing edifices draw the eye to the front door. Plumbed for water to trickle down their rough sides, they also delight a visitor’s sense of sound.

To visually anchor the columns, Plocher added a ground cover of smooth black stone, which creates the illusion of a dark stream. “This gives the impression of running water so the pillars look connected,” he says. “The design also goes from north to south as if it’s flowing into the house.”

To soften the look even more, the original pavers were recut into various shapes and repositioned in a curving pattern that underscores the pillars; they also provide a balanced looked on either side of the walkway.

Plantings complete the landscape, including a sago palm paired with star jasmine and blue agaves; “Chocolate Drop” euphorbias and cape aloe are additional shade-loving choices. Vegetation and color are kept simple so they don’t compete with the pillars and their watery whimsy.

No longer lacking character, the transformed entryway is now a warm and welcoming space that engages the senses.

27 Sep 2018

Lyon – Estancia Estate – Low Lighting Photos

Featured in Landscape Contractor Magazine – April 2018 – “Double Take on Desertscape”

“The Lyon Residence is a one-of-a-kind landscape that is a great representation of the type of Specimen cacti and environments that we are fortunate to be able to create on a daily basis. The mono-wall on the left was originally planned to be a back drop for artwork that was planned to be installed at the end of a long Travertine walkway, but once I acquired this Huge Golden Barrel cluster, the plan changed. Using a huge crane to move this Barrel 150’ across the desert the golden barrel fit into place with only inches to spare; as if it was planned all along. It was definitely meant to be!!” – Lead Designer – Chad Norris

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