While other parts of the country are preparing their yards for a cold and dreary winter, we are pulling out our old flower pots and dusting off our gardening gloves. Whether you do it yourself, or call us to fill your pots with colorful flowers, it’s that time to start seeing some beautiful color in your yard.

Here are some tips to help you in designing beautiful flower pots and containers for your porch.

The Container Garden & Flower Pots

Let’s first consider the aesthetics of the plant arrangements. This helps to create a beautiful look within the planters. These three tips can be of great assistance when choosing your display:

Floral alignment is key – Choose a planted combination that works well together. Daisies don’t really fit with the mother-in-tongue. Can the combination grow together or is one trailing? Do they need similar amounts of water and sunlight? Will they share the nutrients? This is a very important factor to consider. A dying flower doesn’t look good. It makes the most beautiful vibrant flower look a lot worse if they are together. Will the planted flowers look good together? Think about the texture contrasts and various floral alignments. Some flowers work well as a mix, offering a variety of texture like multi-colour tulips. Others may be suited to being alone, such as white daffodils.

Grow forth and go bold – We like all flowers. We see beauty in every one of them. Some are more striking than others though. Our ideas say go bold. the baskets and wooden containers around any home are generally bland in colour. Bright flowers, such as orange, pink, red and so on, decorate a house and help to exuberate its character. Most houses are complemented by bold and bright floral baskets and planters. They make a white or plain building more colorful. Turn your yard into an annual Spring or Summer!

Using fillers, thrillers or spillers – There are three ways you can arrange foliage around most buildings. The most common way is to use fillers. These are displays in containers. They fit on shelf, tables and window ledges. They can be indoors or outdoors. They can fit in any office space or living area. Plant hanging baskets provides another visual easy on the eye. Called thrillers, these are displayed from a ceiling or anywhere above. This adds to a comfortable front porch setting. Some landscapers create spillers. Grass or vine type plants are grown in pots or planters and overview from above. the cascade effect convert parts of a building into its own garden. Some use one way, others use an array of these.

Hanging Baskets – This is one that allows any spillers to overflow from the ceiling. It really brightens up the front door area. Look to supplant with a nice mix of green and bright colours. Cascading plants will overflow in the basket. The right combination will elevate guests visiting the home.