As Arizona temperatures soar, gardening enthusiasts encounter challenges in caring for their plants during the scorching summer months. Yet, by strategizing and seeking expert advice, maintaining a lush and vibrant garden amidst the desert heat is achievable. 


This blog will dive into essential summer gardening tips tailored to Arizona’s unique climate, including plant selection and effective watering techniques. Keep reading to learn how to optimize your Arizona summer garden, regardless of your gardening expertise. 


Five Summer Gardening Tips to Keep Your Plants Healthy in the Heat

With the proper techniques, you can still enjoy a beautiful thriving garden during the summer months. 


Choose the Right Plants

Select plants that thrive in hot and arid conditions, like cacti, succulents, and other native desert species. 


Water Wisely

Encourage deep root growth by watering your plants thoroughly but less often. The best times to water your garden are early morning or late evening, minimizing water loss from evaporation. 


Use Mulch

Adding mulch around your plants aids in soil moisture retention and makes it difficult for water to escape, decreasing water evaporation, an important step in Arizona’s warm climate. 


Provide Shade

Provide protection from Arizona’s intense sunlight by incorporating shade. Planting trees or using shade cloth can offer some relief for your garden plants. 


Maintenance is Key

To maintain a tidy garden and prevent pests and diseases, ensure you regularly clear away dead leaves, faded flowers, and debris.


Explore our maintenance services for all your needs! We offer weekly & bi-weekly service including: trimming, fertilization, weeding, raking debris, blowing patios/walkways, and spot checking plants! Head to our maintenance page to learn more. 


By Selecting the Right Plants for Your Arizona Garden, You can Create a Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Space

Choosing the appropriate plants for your Arizona garden allows you to craft a stunning, low-maintenance environment. 


  • Cacti stand out as iconic plants in the Southwest, offering a distinctive touch to your garden with minimal water needs and a range of shapes and sizes.
  • Succulents, akin to cacti, are low-maintenance and thrive in arid climates, coming in diverse colors and forms to enhance your garden’s aesthetic. 
  • For height and structure, consider shrubs like desert willow, creosote bush, and ocotillo, which are all well-suited to Arizona’s hot, dry conditions and require little water. 
  • Many herbs, including thyme, rosemary, and sage flourish in Arizona’s climate, serving both culinary purposes and adding aromatic charm to your garden.


While not all flowers thrive in Arizona, species like desert marigolds, blanket flowers, and penstemons can infuse your garden with vibrant colors and require minimal upkeep. 


We recognize that gardening can be a hobby for some, yet it can also demand time and physical effort. Our goal is to make gardening as easy and enjoyable as possible for our customers. Let us assist you in creating a stunning, productive garden that thrives. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.