Considering an Outdoor Water Feature? 

Especially in a hot, dry climate like the Phoenix Valley, the idea of water in your backyard is very appealing. Who hasn’t imagined a swimming pool, cool and inviting just steps away from the door? However, sometimes pools don’t suite the space. Maybe its too expensive of an addition, or you don’t have the space for one. Whatever the reason be, there are many alternatives for backyard water features beyond pools. Let’s explore some options! 


Fountains Are Available in a Range of Options

If you’re looking for inspiration for a water feature, you could spend days exploring the variety of fountains. While simple fountains can also serve as patio water features or enhance the yard, the possibilities for fountains are virtually endless. In fact, a fountain can even be an indoor water feature, bringing a tranquil ambiance to your sunroom or screened porch. Statue fountains, whether classic or modern, come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that compliments your space. Consider exploring wall fountains or rain curtains as they both serve as visually stunning features, adding beautiful aesthetics to your space while preserving the tranquil ambiance that fountains offer.


Why Not Install A Peaceful Pond? 

If you dream of having your own water feature, a pond could be the solution. You have the option of choosing an ecosystem pond, which is a naturally designed water feature that is almost self-sustaining, or a man-made pond that may lack a natural appearance but can still support an ecosystem if desired. Ponds come in various sizes, ranging from small and decorative to large and intricate, designed to accommodate fish or simply hold water. Whatever your preferences, the possibilities are extensive, with ponds featuring waterfalls, rock formations, and even caves.


Beat the Heat With Misters

Although not the most visually appealing garden water features, misters excel at cooling down your yard during hot weather. The enjoyment of a gentle mist can significantly enhance your outdoor experience, offering a cooling effect comparable to that of a pool. However, it’s important to note that incorporating misters into your yard requires professional planning and installation.


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