The article emphasizes the value of a visually appealing outdoor area for enhancing both home value and personal well-being. It recognizes the financial considerations of homeowners in Phoenix looking to economize on landscaping projects. However, it cautions against misconceptions that might result in significantly higher expenses later on and aims to offer practical advice for cost-effective landscape design without sacrificing quality.


What Should You Keep in Mind When Saving Money on Your Landscape Design?


#1 Steer clear of cheap prices or “the deal” 

Opting for the lowest bid is a common error homeowners make when trying to save money on their landscape. While cheap prices may appear appealing initially, they often indicate subpar craftsmanship and materials. It’s advisable to prioritize value over cost by selecting a contractor who offers fair pricing for high-quality results, preferably a seasoned local contractor with positive referrals and a moderate bid.


#2 Choose the right contractor

When selecting a contractor, you need to keep your needs in mind. For example, if you’re simply adding turf, seek a specialist in turf installations. However, for a more comprehensive project, involving both hardscaping and landscaping elements or full remodels, opt for a company capable of handling all aspects to prevent project conflicts. Fortunately, our services at Desert Foothills Landscape encompass all landscaping needs.


#3 Do not cut corners

It’s crucial to note that skimping on installation quality can lead to 2.5 to 3 times higher costs for rectification later on. Opting for the lowest bid for each trade involved might initially appear cost-effective but can lead to project delays and substandard outcomes. Instead, prioritize hiring a contractor licensed in all necessary project installations or with reliable connections to ensure efficient and high-quality work.


To save on your landscape installation, its crucial to prioritize planning, thorough research, and meticulous attention to detail rather than opting for low-cost bids or compromising on quality.


Desert Foothills Landscape specializes in creating stunning landscape designs for homeowners and properties across Greater Phoenix. We also have a network of reputable designers and landscape installers who deliver exceptional results – but also at a fair price.


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