Adding aquatic plants to your yard’s water feature is an effortless way to elevate your yard! While the addition of aquatic plants provides an aesthetic appeal, they also benefit the natural ecosystem and help maintain healthy oxygen levels. Even better, water plants have an easy growing process and can be grown in ponds or containers; and even used for striking cut-flower arrangements. 


Here are three aquatic plants that you should consider incorporating into your waterscape: 


#1 Waterlily

Waterlilies generate blossoms in a salmon-pink hue that gradually transition to shades of yellows and reds on their lower petals as the day progresses. These flowers, with their golden centers, can reach sizes of up to 6 inches in diameter. Waterlilies emit a distinct and fruity fragrance. These flowers flourish in clay and loam soils, requiring partial to full sunlight.


#2 Brahmi

Commonly referred to as water hyssop, herb of grace, and Indian pennywort, this plant boasts a rich history of health benefits and has been medicinally used in India for thousands of years. The petite white flowers often carry hints of blue or pink. Its trailing stems, adorned with glossy small leaves, make it suitable for hanging baskets or elegantly draping over the edges of pots. It thrives best in sandy soils under partial to full sunlight and even has the added perk of attracting butterflies!


#3 Swap Lily

The swamp lily is a perennial herb known for its beautiful white flowers and long, strap-like leaves. The flowers are borne on tall stalks and emit a floral fragrance. The swamp lily’s clusters of blooms create the perfect floral touch to any waterspace. Its floral tubes generally reach 4-6 inches in height. They flourish best in clay or sandy soils when exposed to partial to full sunlight. 


These plants are the perfect addition to any water feature, enhancing the appeal of your yard!