Christmas is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to start working on your outdoor decorations and landscaping! Its an excellent opportunity to leave a lasting impression on both your neighbors and family. 


To help you get started preparing your landscaping for the holidays, here are three handy tips! 

#1 Work With The Landscaping

The landscaping in Arizona has a distinctive charm that sets it apart from other regions of the country. With its desert climate, Arizona offers a unique canvas for your Christmas decorations, one that harmonizes with the local landscape and plant life. Pro tip: work with the landscaping. Harness the beauty of Arizona’s unique landscape while infusing it with festive spirit. Seamlessly blend your decor with the surrounding landscaping by adding lights to cacti. 

#2 Start Simple

Begin your Christmas landscaping with some simple upgrades to your yard. Arizona’s holiday season is relatively warm – compared to the rest of the country- making it a great time to get some yard work done without dying of heat! Whether you’re wanting to add a fireplace, or simply add string lights, this is the perfect time. 

#3 No Snow, No Problem

Landscaping crews in Arizona are well aware of the unique challenges posed by the environment. Arizona isn’t well-known for its coniferous pine trees or its snowfall. This means that we have to take a different approach to our Christmas decor. The trick is to embrace what makes Arizona’s landscaping so unique rather than trying to replicate what other states have. Work around it, and be creative! 


We can’t wait to see how all of you decorate your yards this holiday season! If you have any questions about caring for your desert landscape during the winter, contact us!