To some, it may seem like landscaping design options in the desert are limited. But, in the Phoenix Valley, the array of landscape compositions, hearty trees and plants are endless. Some of the most-loved landscape design compositions include: 

Organic Desert-Scape

You may prefer a minimalist landscape aesthetic that mirrors the natural surroundings. This could involve designing a consistent array of cacti to seamlessly integrate with the expansive desert surrounding your yard. Alternatively, it might mean preserving existing saguaros, ocotillos, agaves, mesquites, Palo Verdes, ironwoods, or other cacti and succulents already present on your property. You may consider adding enhancements like decorative gravel, young cactus plantings, and succulents along pathways and surrounding seating areas. If you’re an entertainer, or just enjoy being outdoors, add a pergola or source of shade for comfort. 

Sonoran Sanctuary

Explore the option of adding a shaded outdoor seating space with cooling features – like a pergola or roofing, along with an outdoor kitchen and other outdoor living elements. At Desert Foothills Landscape, we have skilled landscape designers that can design the sanctuary of your dreams, featuring flourishing Arizona plants like lantana and verbena, as well as annuals like zinnias and petunias. Incorporating native plants into your outdoor living space will further enhance the luxury of landscaping in the desert.

Palm Paradise

People adore palm trees for their eye-catching aesthetics, breezy quality, and durability in hot desert temperatures. Adding smaller, younger trees, or even grand mature palm trees can enhance the overall lushness and inviting atmosphere of any desert landscape. To further enrich the scenery, consider incorporating other subtropical flora like lemon or lime trees. Additionally, varying sizes and species of indigenous cacti that bloom with colorful flowers in season can be included in your palm paradise. 

Desert Oasis 

The cooling effects of the lushest desert landscape designs transform desert properties into private paradises. Opt for professionally curated installations featuring diverse clusters of cacti alongside blooming plants and vibrant ground cover for an unparalleled desert landscape design. Any desert oasis is incomplete without a water feature. Consider adding a pool or spa – or a spool if your yard is on the smaller side – or a peaceful water fountain to complete your private paradise. 


No matter what landscape composition you choose, we’re here to provide professional help in designing, curating, and installing your dream landscape.