Landscaping in Arizona offers rewards alongside distinctive challenges, notably the presence of wildlife such as javelinas, which can disturb gardens. Javelinas are notorious for their penchant for soft, delicate plants, posing frustrations for homeowners.

Nevertheless, by selecting plants with care, one can craft a stunning backyard landscape that resists javelina interference. In this piece, we’ll delve into ten plants well-suited to Arizona’s climate that are less enticing to javelinas.


Javelina-Resistant Plants To Incorporate In Your Landscape Design 

#1 Agave 

Agaves are desert-adapted succulents that are both hardy and visually striking. These plants tend to deter javelinas due to their tough, spiky leaves. 

#2 Texas Sage

Texas Sage is a drought-tolerant shrub with aromatic leaves and showy purple flowers. Javelinas tend to avoid aromatic plants. 

#3 Ocotillo (Fouquieria Splendens) 

The ocotillo stands out with its slender, thorny branches and striking red flowers. Its robust spines render it unattractive to javelinas.

#4 Desert Marigold (Baileya Multiradiata) 

Desert Marigold is a low-growing perennial with vibrant yellow daisy-like flowers. Its potent aroma is sure to deter javelinas. 

#5 Trailing Indigo Bush (Dalea Greggii) 

This perennial is both attractive and fast-growing, characterized by numerous fine stems that root along the ground as they expand. These rooted stems form a dense cover, potentially enveloping the soil surface entirely, which deters javelina from investigating and digging.


By carefully selecting plants, crafting a beautiful and javelina-resistant backyard landscape in Arizona is achievable. The ten plant options mentioned above not only provide aesthetic appeal but also serve as a natural deterrent for pesky javelinas.