As you start decorating for the holiday season, planting a balsam fir in your living room, consider what trees you plan to plant in your landscape during the nearing springtime. Here are 5 drought-tolerant shade trees that will keep you cool and green up to your landscape: 


#1 Red Push Pistache 

Thriving under the Arizona sun, the Red Push Pistache is a popular tree choice for Arizona landscapes. . Its vibrant burnt orange hues can be spotted from a distance in autumn. This tree is a a great drought-tolerant tree that still adheres to seasons. 


#2 Shumard Oak Specimen

The Shumard Oak is a favored tree in Western landscapes. It requires minimal maintenance, making it easy to upkeep. This incredible tree boasts a large canopy, providing lots of shade. And, during fall, its leaves transform into a stunning shade of red. 


#3 Ficus Indian Laurel

Ficus Indian Lauren, commonly called “Hollywood Hedges,” is a fast-growing, dense evergreen foliage. It’s an excellent tree for privacy, screening from golf balls (if you live near a course), and a sound barrier. It handles pruning to almost any shape and size. It can withstand the summer heat and thrives in the Sonoran desert.


#4 King Palm

Now, enter the family of palm trees. The King Palm is exceptionally durable and built to flourish in desert conditions. Its sturdy trunk, lush crowns, and love for sunlight make it a top pick for homes in Arizona and Southern California.


#5 Pineapple Palm 

The Pineapple Palm, or Canary Island Date Palm, is hardy and thrives in sunny conditions. It’s a popular resort selection due to its elegant and polished appearance. Its broad palms and sturdy trunk also make it ideal for providing yard shade. And it’s low maintenance! 


These five trees are perfect for the desert climate, making them effortless additions to any Arizona yard! While it might not be Christmas yet, it’s never too early to start planning for spring yard maintenance and considering any changes you’d like to make. If you have any questions regarding trees or spring maintenance, fill out our contact form, or call (480) 488-0128.