Whether you’re selling soon or not, increasing your home’s value should always be on your mind when deciding to make changes. This includes any modifications to your outdoor space, as landscape design plays a crucial role in curb appeal. You may be asking, ‘what’s the best way to increase my home value through landscape design?’ We have some recommendations to share. 


Trust The Professionals

Using skilled landscape designers is a guaranteed strategy for enhancing your home’s value. Whether in the initial planning or during installation (or both) phases, leaving the details to professionals is a sure way to increase value. It is most important to seek professional assistance if you are planning on selling your home anytime soon. Professional landscape design not only brings aesthetic benefits but also instills confidence in the proper functioning of essentials like watering systems, landscape lighting, and special features. 


Add a Water Feature

While its well known that a swimming pool can add value, there are alternative ways to integrate water into your landscape that are equally impactful without the cost and maintenance of a pool. A charming pond or a meandering stream can significantly enhance your backyard landscape design. If you aim to infuse water features into your front yard landscape, a glistening fountain or bubbling waterfall can elevate your home’s aesthetic from ordinary to breathtaking. 


Consider Artificial Grass

Having a beautifully, well-kept, weed-free yard easily attracts buyers. Adopting artificial grass has become very advantageous to homeowners. It maintains a flawless appearance with minimal maintenance. In addition, it allows a homeowner to save water and energy and avoid yard work, at the same time. 


Look Into Landscape Lighting 

Landscape lighting has been called the jewelry for the home’s exterior, and for good reason. The strategic installation of landscape lighting serves as an easy method to enhance your home’s aesthetic, accentuating the architectural and landscaping features in its best light. 


Add Entertainment Value With an Outdoor Kitchen

One of the increasingly popular design concepts is the incorporation of an outdoor kitchen. They provide the capacity to host gatherings, can be complete with a built-in fireplace or pizza oven, and in a refined outdoor setting, they not only enhance your home value, but also the enjoyment of the homeowner. Outdoor kitchens strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, making them a great way to add value to your property, with a return on investment of over 70%. 


Like we mentioned earlier, regardless of your moving status, boosting home value should always be on your mind, especially when making changes to your outdoor landscape. Contact us if you’re interested in installing features to your landscape design. We’d be happy to help you navigate any changes to your landscape design.