When it comes to creating a Mediterranean landscape design in Arizona, choosing the right plants is key. Given the hot and dry climate with long, scorching summers and mild winters, opting for plants native to the Mediterranean region is an adaptable choice as they are well-suited to similar conditions. Here are the top plants we recommend for your Mediterranean landscape design! 


#1 Swan Hill Olive Tree

The olive tree stands as an iconic symbol of the Mediterranean region, and the Swan Hill variety proves to be an excellent option for Arizona. With no fruit production, there’s no concern for messy fruit dropping. It’s silvery-green leaves and gnarled trunk make it a stunning focal point in any landscape 


#2 Rosemary 

Rosemary, a timeless Mediterranean herb, thrives in Arizona’s climate. The Tuscan variety is a shrub, reaching four feet in height and width, while the trailing variety serves as an excellent groundcover, ideal for filling in gaps in your landscape. 


#3 Bougainvillea “La Jolla” 

Bougainvillea, with its striking and vibrant colors, makes an excellent selection for a Mediterranean landscape design in Arizona. The “La Jolla” variety, adorned with vibrant pink flowers, can be elegantly trained to climb up walls to trellises. 


#4 Natal Plum

While native to South Africa, this shrub is well-suited for a Mediterranean landscape design in Arizona. Displaying glossy green leaves and fragrant white flowers during the spring and summer, it additionally yields an edible fruit rich in Vitamin C. 


#5 Purple Fountain Grass

With its long, slender leaves sporting a deep purple hue, this ornamental grass introduces texture and movement to your landscape. The rich purple color of the grass complements the other plants mentioned on this list. 


When designing a Mediterranean landscape in Arizona, it’s vital to select plants that can thrive in the hot and arid climate, offering not only color and a distinctive appearance, but also creating an oasis that beckons you to spend more time at home.  


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