Now that the days of harsh heat are over (for the most part), you might want to spend some time in your backyard, having a BBQ, or hanging out by the pool. Getting bit by a mosquito has no place in this peaceful environment. 


Certainly, you can use mosquito repellent, but what if we told you there’s a more natural way to deter mosquitos? Below, you’ll find five plants that mosquitos hate that just might keep them away. 


#1 Lavender 

While many find the scent of lavender soothing, mosquitoes don’t share this opinion. Lavender contains a compound called Linalool that repels mosquitos. 


#2 Peppermint

Peppermint flavoring isn’t just for food – it’s also a natural mosquito repellent. Strategically plant peppermint around your outdoor seating space to repel mosquitos. 


#3 Rosemary

Fresh rosemary is very aromatic. If you want a low-growing plant, opt for trailing rosemary. Or, grow it upright as a shrub. 


#4 Lemon Balm

If you love the smell of citrus, lemon balm has a refreshing aroma, and the best part? Mosquitoes can’t stand it! Plant lots of lemon balm around your porch or patio and enjoy mosquito-free gatherings. 


#5 Sage

Many people burn sage to cleanse spaces in religious or spiritual ceremonies. Try growing it in your yard to repel mosquitos. If you don’t have space to grow sage, consider buying some and burning it in your firepit during gatherings. 


While we may love the fragrance of these plants, mosquitos certainly don’t. Sprinkle these lovely plants around your porch or patio, and tuck them into your flower pots near your outdoor seating space. And, if you’re gathered around a firepit, throw in some of these herbs. Not only do they smell fantastic, but they just might shoo away those pesky mosquitoes.