If you’ve lived in Phoenix and Scottsdale, you’re familiar with the region’s beautiful weather. However, you’re also aware that evenings can turn considerably cool, even downright cold. If you’ve lived in the valley for over a year, you’ve likely experienced temperatures nearing or dropping below freezing. The chill can put a damper on spending the evening outside, especially when you have had something planned and the temperature dips suddenly when the sun goes down. 


An outdoor natural gas or propane fire pit can truly enhance your patio area, serving as both a source of heat, and a centerpiece. Who can resist having a conversation with friends and family around the open dancing flame of a firepit. Think of firepits as safer, more controlled alternatives to campfires. With a fire pit installed on your deck or patio, you can bask in the warmth and ambiance of an open fire without the constant worry of sourcing wood, managing rolling logs, or dealing with dangerous sparks. Moreover, local laws often prohibit open wood fires, making a fire pit a convenience and compliant option. A flip of a switch or through your wireless app, and you have instant flame, warmth and entertainment. 

Fire pits always steal the spotlight at gatherings, drawing everyone in as the evening cools and shadows lengthen. You’ll find gas fire pits surprisingly affordable. If you’re envisioning a backyard retreat, whether it involves a patio, deck, or pool construction, we strongly advise incorporating, or at the very least, planning for a gas fire pit. Our design team is equipped to assist you in mapping out the future of your outdoor living space. For those with existing backyard patio areas, the addition of a gas fire pit promises to heighten enjoyment and amplify its utility.