More than ever, clients have the desire to create outdoor retreats featuring amenities for cooking, dining, socializing, and entertaining. These retreats serve as extensions of indoor spaces, providing fresh opportunities for creativity and design. 


Beyond the basic outdoor kitchen with a grill, the market is witnessing a trend in outdoor bartending stations. These outdoor kitchen bars usually come equipped with storage, workspace, and amenities such as an outdoor sink, fridge, wine cooler, ice maker, and kegerator. 


Outdoor Kitchen Bar Benefits

Optimizing your outdoor space provides a key advantage by extending your indoor living area. Incorporating elements like an outdoor kitchen and bar, not only adds value but enhances your overall home experience. 


The undeniable perks of outdoor living become even more enjoyable with a bar-equipped outdoor space. The layout of an outdoor kitchen bar offers unparalleled convenience for entertaining and socializing while basking in the benefits of nature. Elevate your entertaining lifestyle by introducing an outdoor kitchen bar to your backyard patio. 


Tips For Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen Bar 

The design of an outdoor kitchen is intricately tied to factors such as location, layout, function, and amenities. Specifically, when incorporating an outdoor kitchen bar, the functional aspects of your space become pivotal. 


Location and Layout

The location is a crucial aspect of your plans for a bartending station. Outdoor bars are commonly situated on desks, patios, rooftops, and balconies. Generally, a bar with more amenities can be positioned farther away from your indoor space. 


Bartending stations typically adopt either straight runs or L-shaped designs. U-shaped layouts are more common in kitchens that incorporate a grill and require additional food preparation space. 


Functions and Requirements

Before deciding on the amenities to include, the function and requirements of your outdoor bar are important elements. Some outdoor kitchen bars serve primarily as bartending stations, while others have a more comprehensive approach. The latter may integrate features such as a grill, pull-out trash, extra storage, and more. 


Appliances and Amenities

The amenities you include in your outdoor kitchen bar are determined by its requirements and size. A bartending station typically has a minimum of a fridge and sink. However, some may go beyond to include cooking appliances and additional features. 


For equipping your bar, we suggest a sink, fridge, cabinetry, and a pull-out trash. Adequate storage is essential for most outdoor living spaces, and a bar is no exception. There are many different ways to go about appliances and amenities and it all depends on your personal preferences. 


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