The terms “patio” and “porch” are sometimes used interchangeably when referring to outdoor areas specifically created for relaxation and leisure. Although patios and porches share similar purposes, it is important to acknowledge some structural distinctions between them. These differences affect not only the visual appeal but also the practicality of the space. 


The Construction of Patios vs. Porches

Patios, designed with a foundation of concrete or, alternatively, pavers, are typically located at ground level in the backyard of a house. While patios can be attached or detached from a home, they typically connect to the house’s exterior, offering a designated area for outdoor dining or entertainment. In certain instances, patios are left uncovered. Still, it is common to construct a pergola overhead to offer protection from the elements and create an ambiance similar to a living room in a house. 


Porches, on the other hand, are a genuine extension of a home as they are physically connected to the house and can be accessed through the front or back door. Unlike patios, porches are elevated structures that are built onto the house. A roof-like structure covers them and can be left open-air or enclosed with screens, depending on personal preference. Porches commonly offer ample seating arrangements to facilitate relaxation.


Which Option Makes More Sense for My Home?


Patios and porches provide excellent opportunities to appreciate the outdoors. Due to their typical positioning, with porches at the front entrance and patios at the back entrance of a home, it can be beneficial to use both of these structures when space and budget allows. However, if you must choose one, you should consider the benefits of each and decide which best serves your yard’s needs.


With a porch, you’ll: 

  • Enhance the curb appeal of your home
  • Create an outdoor living structure that shields you from sun and rain
  • Extend your living space to the outdoors, creating an outdoor entertainment area


With a patio, you’ll: 

  • Have ample room for group gatherings
  • Enjoy an added sense of privacy while spending time outside
  • Be able to determine how much sun exposure you want


Both patios and porches provide excellent opportunities for outdoor enjoyment, all while adding to your home’s curb appeal and value. Contact DFL to see which outdoor structure suites your needs best!