While the idea of hiring separate contractors for landscape design and pool design may initially seem appealing, it can lead to problems that cost you unnecessary time and money. 


Opting for a single contractor who can handle both your landscape and pool design is a better choice, and here’s why: 


#1 Faster Process


Having “too many cooks in the kitchen” while working on your landscape and pool design can significantly slow the process. For instance, overlooking a crucial detail during pool design can cause delays for the landscape designer, and vice versa. Additionally, if one contractor is tardy in submitting required documents, it can disrupt the project timeline for the other contractor and ultimately inconvenience the homeowner.


#2 Contact Clarity


By collaborating with a single contractor for your design project from beginning to end, you gain the advantage of clear accountability. In the event that something goes wrong, you know precisely who is responsible. Moreover, having a single point of contact for any questions or concerns throughout the project ensures a streamlined communication process. In contrast, working with multiple contractors can make it more challenging to determine who to approach, and assign blame if necessary. There is a risk of one contractor attempting to shift responsibility onto another or resorting to scapegoating for their own faults.


#3 More Cost Effective


Choosing separate contractors for pool design and landscape design can lead to significantly higher costs compared to hiring a single contractor to handle both aspects. You will be paying double the labor and fees, and the likelihood of experiencing delays and issues increases, which can result in additional expenses. Moreover, if the project needs to be redone, the costs can escalate to two or three times more than if it were done correctly the first time. Opting for a single contractor proves to be a much more cost-effective choice, ensuring substantial savings in the long run.


#4 Cohesive Design

Collaborating with a single contractor for both pool and landscape design ensures a cohesive and visually appealing finished product. They take care of all the concept ideas, guaranteeing a harmonious design that complements each element. ​​In contrast, when you engage two contractors with distinct styles, the result can be a disjointed design where landscape elements do not harmonize well with the pool design. This can be avoided by opting for a single contractor, rather than two. 


#5 Lasting Warranties


Numerous manufacturers provide warranties for their products exclusively when installed by contractors who possess the necessary training, certification, and approval from the brand.

When multiple contractors are involved in a project, there is a risk that your warranties may become void, leaving you in a difficult situation if any issues arise with your pool or landscape in the future. It is essential to consider the potential consequences of voided warranties when deciding between working with multiple contractors or a single, approved contractor to ensure long-term peace of mind.


How do I Choose the Right Contractor for My Project? 


Selecting the ideal contractor for your project involves asking the right questions during the interview process. Here are a few key questions to pose to potential pool and landscape designers, enabling you to identify an experienced contractor who is well-suited for the job:


  • What services do you offer? Do you do pool and landscape design?
  • Can I see examples of your past work?
  • Do you offer a free consultation? What ideas do you have for my yard?
  • What does your design process entail?
  • How many projects do you work on at one time? 
  • What is the estimated cost of my project? Are there any ways to reduce the cost?
  • How long will it take for you to create my design?
  • How much maintenance will your design require?


Invest in Cohesive Pool & Landscaping Design with Desert Foothills Landscape

Desert Foothills Landscaping specializes in delivering stunning and cohesive pool and landscape designs to homeowners throughout the valley. We take pride in our ability to connect clients with trusted contractors who excel in swimming pool installation and landscaping services. By working with us, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a single contractor overseeing your entire project, eliminating the frustrating challenges mentioned earlier. Embark on your backyard design journey with us and benefit from a complimentary consultation to kickstart a timely and cost-effective transformation.