Yep, you heard us right. Spools. If you’re from Arizona, you may be familiar with this term. And if you’re not, no worries. Let’s explore what spools are and why they make an excellent choice for landscaping.


What Are Spools? 

A spool – originally designed for small yards –  is a midsize between a pool and spa. Although the idea was originally developed for small yards, spools are quickly becoming the hottest landscaping trend for any size yard. And, for good reason. They require less room, are significantly less expensive and provide the cooling effect of water while minimizing cost and maintenance. 


Typical Uses & Features of a Spool

Though compact, spools offer a world of uses and customizable features. With options for adjustable currents, low-impact resistance workouts, and full temperature control, spools cater to a diverse range of preferences. Hydrotherapy jets make it easy to maintain a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, while built-in LED lighting can enhance the pool’s ambiance. 


  • Swimming against adjustable current options
  • Fitness Training with low-impact resistance workouts
  • Hydrotherapy complete with temperature control
  • Year-round relaxation and recreation


  • Compact dimensions
  • Propulsion or jetted current system
  • Hydrotherapy jets
  • Water temperature controls
  • Filtration system
  • Built-in LED lighting system
  • Insulated cover
  • Perimeter seating or stairs
  • Optional add-ons for fitness and entertaining 


What Are My Options? 

There are three main categories of spools, and they each serve different purposes. You’ll want to choose your pool based on your activity. Are you an entertainer? Do you love lap swimming as a workout? Or, maybe you’re on your wellness journey. Here are the three options of spools to choose from: 


#1 Spa Pool

The natural build of spools, provide for not just a pool, but also a spa. These types of spools provide a cool and refreshing experience in hot months, and with the help of a heater, can be converted into a sizable in-ground hot tub accommodating 15+ people. 


#2 Lap Pool

Combine a compact pool with a high-powered pump designed for simulating a current, and you have yourself the perfect lap pool. Swim against the current for the perfect fitness solution. 


#3 Bar Spool

With limited backyard space, this becomes the ultimate addition to a personalized outdoor kitchen. Custom seating options and countertop edging add a personal touch to any bar spool. Ideal for any entertainer, the bar spool creates a perfect space to unwind and savor a cocktail. 


The Effect Of A Spool On Your Home’s Value

Obviously an above-ground spool is considered personal property and doesn’t contribute to property value, incorporating a well-designed inground spool could enhance overall property value. Inground pools typically boost home values by 3% to 10%, depending on the location. A carefully integrated spool might contribute value towards the lower end of that range. 


On average, in-ground pools yield a recouped value of 56%. However, this figure tends to be higher in Arizona. The installation of a spool also offers a return on investment for short-term rental properties. Vacationers actively seek unique luxury amenities like hot tubs, pools, and spools to enhance their experience. Properties with spools can increase their nightly rental prices by $40 to $100 more across all markets.


Spools are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to maximize their recreational space in their backyard, but still have a way to stay warm under the stars in winter, or cool off in the scorching summer months. Spools, with their varied uses and customizable features, provide an excellent solution for smaller yards while simultaneously enhancing the value of the home.