Homeowners are entitled to enjoy the grounds and yard without the interference of outside noise or unwanted eyes. Desert Foothills Landscape works with clients to create park-like scenes that soothe the senses and embrace the healing benefits of natural elements. Here are three tips for creating a backyard to enhance your relaxation and enjoyment. 


Integrate Native Plants

Plantings native to the area are more capable of adapting to soil and weather in a specific area. For those in arid regions, special consideration should be made to allow easy maintenance to sustain the garden’s and landscape’s aesthetic appeal. A range of popular plants reflects the many options available to clients. Planting native plants can provide ample shade, absorb unwanted sound, and give homeowners another level of beauty and privacy. The possibilities are varied and can suit unique tastes and styles.


Consider Water

Water features such as waterfalls into a pool, fountains, or ponds can add to any landscape. Many enjoy hosting intimate gatherings. Families enjoy sunbathing and swimming in their customized pools and water features. 


Walls Create Different Zones for Enhanced Enjoyment

Stone landscape options and larger retaining walls can create separate spaces for all your needs. Create an outdoor area for meal preparation and dining, including awnings and walls to block some of the light for comfortable dining. Guests can dine al fresco in the evening gathered by a generous fire pit. Walls assist in reducing the light and noise emitted from a property and afford additional comfort to adjoining neighbors. In addition, they block outdoor noise and reduce glare from the sun. Walls with a combination of complementary fauna can create a division for a quiet area and an excellent backdrop for entertaining. 


Desert Foothills Landscape has a number of landscaping options and styles to choose from when designing your personal oasis.